MI-AIMH Endorsement Application System

This is the Michigan version of EASy. If you are applying in another state, please be sure to select that state from the drop-down below.



  • For applications that are complete:  Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and application review feedback can be expected within 12 weeks of the applicant clicking SUBMIT.  NOTE: Please be sure your application is COMPLETE before submitting. Incomplete applications will need to be revised and resubmitted (thus a longer wait time). 
  • For categories that require an exam, please submit and pay by June 15 for the September Exam or by December 15 for the March Exam.  (Exams will be virtual on a day/time that works for you). Application feedback will be shared with applicant a minimum of 5 weeks before the exam.  
  • Are you starting a new application for Endorsement? Be sure to check BOTH Membership and Endorsement Application when registering. 
  • Our financial system does not link with EASy. It will continue to look like you owe a payment, even if you paid. Please disregard if you know you have paid and we will confirm on our end!**

Endorsement questions can be sent to: miaimh.easy.imhe@gmail.com

Alliance Logo

You are joining an international group of professionals who have chosen to earn the Endorsement credential as a way to demonstrate specialization in the infant-early childhood mental health field. Endorsement was developed by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health in 2002 and is now used by 38 state IMH associations and 3 international associations. Each of those associations is a member of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health.

Through the Alliance, this means that your Endorsement is recognized in each of those 41 associations.